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fark_pt6xHEt4YLyjnjpiT_21O0Mqgy8Every human has breasts. But little attention is paid to the nipple, maybe because these little nubs are hidden by your clothing most of the time. They are an erogenous zone in both men and women, known for sending pleasurable signals to their genitals. For some men, it’s a no go zone. Below we will discuss some of the issues that may arise in the nipple area, which maybe a wake up call to the state of your health.

• Sore Nipples on Breastfeeding Women- The nipple may be throb, bleed and crack, causing some painful burning sensation when breastfeeding. This pain is an indication of an infection caused by candida yeast or bacteria. Visit a lactation consultant, soon!

• A Bump on Nipple Could Be Bad News- By looking closely at the nipple, you will find the surrounding areolas; hair follicles, oil glands and duct. But presence of a red bump or rash, looking like an angry skin change maybe the start of the long journey to battling breast cancer.

• Boob Jobs Could Damage Your Nipples- Breast implants are the leading cause of loss of sensation on the nipple. Bigger implants result to quick loss of the sensation.

• Nipple Piercing- Say goodbye to your sex life. The pierced nipple should not be licked till healing. In addition, piercing the nipple results to loss of sensation due to nerve damage. Healing of the nipple may take close to eight months, isn’t that long?

• The Nipple - Ear Lobe Connection- Biologically, the ear lobes are connected to the nipple in that, the space between your ear lobes is the same as the distance between your nipples.

• Nipples appear first before the Sex Organs- As the fetus develops in the womb; the nipple appears first before the sexual organs. You now understand why both men and women have them.

• Third Nipple- This is a common phenomenon nowadays. Some men have an extra nipple and have been known to be found on weird body locations, such as the foot. However, it can be removed through a surgical process taking less than thirty minutes.

• Tight bras can Often Chafe the Nipples- Commonly known as the Paget’s disease, this rare form of cancer can come about due to exercising or doing rigorous activities in tight bras. Have the doctor assess it and remember to use well-fitting bras and non-chafing balms next time you exercise.

• Nipple Discharge- While this is common, prolonged nipple discharge may be an indication of breast cancer or benign growth. It is advisable for one to see a health care consultant for examinations and advice.

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